ESG Core Principles

At LSI, our commitment to manufacturing innovative, energy-efficient products throughout our history has enabled us to become a leader in delivering eco-friendly lighting solutions to our customers. Our family of companies, which includes Atlas American Lighting and ADL Technologies, is proud to have made, and continue to make, a positive impact on our planet by helping customers develop green solutions for their communities. We are committed to operating responsibly across all aspects of our business, and our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) core principles reinforce the ethical foundation upon which the Company was founded.

To help promote a sustainable, inclusive and socially responsible future for generations to come, LSI is committed to:

  • Collaborating to drive innovation and develop enhanced ways for its products to benefit society
  • Operating responsibly within the environment
  • Recruiting, retaining, and developing a diverse and talented workforce
  • Adhering to its Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and following sound corporate governance practices
  • Actively fostering a culture of safety
  • Positively contributing to the communities in which the company operates

LSI Industries 2022 Sustainability Report

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Environmental Factors

LSI takes its commitment to the environment very seriously. As demand for electricity continues to increase, our customers and their communities look to us to provide product solutions that help reduce energy consumption, light pollution and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

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Social Factors

As America strives to become more energy-efficient, our products allow customers to retrofit and replace their outdated lighting systems, as well as install entirely new LED systems, with technology that benefits society as a whole.

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Governance Factors

A key component of our approach to ESG is our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. This serves as a blueprint for making the right decisions in the best interests of the Company, our customers, communities and shareholders.

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