The Opulence series combines a visually stunning fixture with five different mounting styles. The result is a lighting solution that bolsters the richness of every environment in which the luminaire is installed. Regardless of configuration, each product in the Opulence series features the same beautifully curved fixture with a clean housing and a near seamless mounting assembly.


Ideal for parking facilities, low glare pedestrian walkways and landscaping projects, the Opulence series consists of matching surface, pendant, wall mount, area and post-top luminaires. The new fixture is purposefully designed to accentuate every space where it is installed with architectural beauty and high-performance illumination.

Opulence Post Top

In addition to its stylish, contemporary appearance, the Opulence Post Top delivers exceptional light distribution for uniform illumination.  Ideal for campus and park settings, this luminaire enhances the pedestrian experience with near seamless pole and luminaire transitions.

Opulence Post Top

Opulence Pole Mount

With its dense LED arrangement and precision optics, the Opulence Pole Mount Area Light delivers high-performance illumination and extraordinary visual comfort.  Like all Opulence configurations, this luminaire was designed to give you exceptional optical control for maximum uniformity.

Opulence Pole Mount

Opulence Wall Mount

Opulence Wall Mount luminaires feature several stylish mounts for any application. Whether mounting to a recessed junction box or directly to a vertical surface, Opulence has you covered.

Opulence Wall Mount

Opulence Pendant & Surface Direct Mount

Opulence pendant and surface/direct mounting options provide great flexibility when ceiling mounted luminaires are desired. The low-profile housing is ideal for under canopy/soffit applications with shorter ceiling heights. For taller ceilings, a 6” to 60” pendant paired with a decorative aligner and shroud creates the perfect look for your indoor or outdoor under canopy space.

Opulence Pendant Mount

Opulence Surface Direct Mount

Opulence Architectural Luminaire Brochure

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