Do you have a Pickleball Addiction?

Feb 05, 2022

Visit LSI in Punta Gorda!


Pickleball is fun, which makes pickleball addiction real for some people. Why is pickleball so addictive? Do you play four, five, six times a week? Are your favorite words “one more game?” People find pickleball addictive because you seldom get the same shot twice. There is always a different height, speed and angle. It requires practice which yields exercise, all while having fun. Everyone can pick it up easily and be competitive.

AND… because it is so popular, more and more people are playing at night! Which means the right lighting makes all the difference. LSI is proud to be the Official Lighting Partner of USA Pickleball, the APP, and the IFP! Our lights are everywhere you play.

Stop by and say hi to LSI in Punta Gorda!

Here is where LSI is next!

APP Punta Gorda

Pickleplex, Punta Gorda, FL

February 23-27, 2022