The AirLink Indoor 5AMP Power Pack has been discontinued. New Product

AirLink Indoor 5AMP Power Pack


The 5AMP power pack is a radio frequency device that controls up to 5A of general purpose load based on input from wireless switches, ceiling-mounted wireless occupancy & daylight sensors. An optional low-voltage dry contact closure output is available to communicate occupancy status to 3rd-party systems such as HVAC controllers. Communication with RF input devices, such as wireless switches & ceiling-mounted wireless sensors, is accomplished using Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology.

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Features & Specifications

Receives wireless inputs from up to 10 wireless switches, 10 ceiling-mounted wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors & 1 ceiling-mounted wireless daylight sensor.

Capable of switching 5A of general-purpose loads.

LED status indicator shows current load status & provides programming feedback.

Power failure memory: If power is interrupted, connected loads will return to the previous level prior to interruption.

Daylighting can be overriden by pressing the ON button on any associated wireless switch. Daylighting is re-enabled after 2 hours or after the room become unoccupied.

Mounts to a junction box through a standard half-inch (NPT trade size) knockout.

Optional low-voltage dry contact closure output provides integration to building management systems, HVAC, VAV, etc.


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