AirLink Outdoor Antenna Kit


When installing an AirLink Site Manager Controller, it is essential to consider how the RF signal will connect to other devices in the mesh network. The Outdoor Antenna Kit helps ensure that the site manager signal is amplified and propagated to other devices. This is important on large sites or sites with large physical obstructions between the site manager and other lighting control components.

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Features & Specifications

Kit includes the following:

Remote site-controller antenna, outdoor, straight with built in mounting bracket

– Pulse RO2048NM 8dBi Gain

– Radome Omnidirectional CoLinear Antenna

– UV Protection/IP-67 Protection

– 85C/185F

– Antenna Mast is 20”

– Bracket is 6.5” H x 5” L x 1.5” W (165.1 x 127 x 38.1 mm)
– Structural Loading to withstand 150 mph winds

– VSWR of 2:1 RP-SMA Female-to-Female Connector

-50 Ohm Terminator

Photometrics & Applications

Lighting Layout Request BIM (Revit) Library