The AirLink Indoor Fixture Controller has been discontinued. New Product

AirLink Indoor Fixture Controller


The ALC/ALCE wireless fixture controller is a radio-frequency (RF) device that controls the 0–10V or Lutron EcoSystem electronic fluorescent ballasts and LED drivers (depending on model). Communication (via Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology) is based on RF input from a wireless switch, wireless sensor or wired input from a fixture sensor. The controller mounts to a fixture or U.S.-style junction box and can be factory-installed with fixture sensors: occupancy (ALOS), vacancy (ALVS).

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Features & Specifications

Minimum Light Level Setting (optional). Applications, such as hallways, may require that the lights never turn off. For these areas, select the minimum light level option and the load will lower to programed low-end level.

Daylighting dims lights down to OFF. Occupancy sensor must go unoccupied (vacant) for the lights to turn off.

Occupied light level can be changed via the ceiling-mounted wireless occupancy sensor or via the wireless hub web app when connected to an AirLink system.

Favorite light level can be set using an ALWS.

Power failure memory: If power is interrupted, connected loads will return to the previous level.

Low-end trim adjustment (default is 1V or ballasts/drivers minimum for Lutron EcoSystem ballasts/ drivers). High-end trim adjustment (default is 10V or 100% for Lutron EcoSystem ballasts/drivers).

Integrated power measurement circuit provides data to the hub with +/_ 2% accuracy or 0.5W whichever is higher.

Minimum Light Level Setting (optional).

Resources & Downloads

Photometrics & Applications

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