The AirLink Indoor Fixture Sensor has been discontinued. New Product

AirLink Indoor Fixture Sensor


The fixture sensor mounts to the ceiling or to a fixture and measures light in the space (daylighting) while detecting people moving within an area to determine passive infrared occupancy. The sensor controls the lights to balance light level in the space, combining convenience, exceptional energy savings, and ease of installation. The sensor contains two wires which connect to the wireless fixture control (ALC). The ALC/ALCE and ALOS/ALVS are factory-installed for your convenience.

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Features & Specifications

Occupancy sensor timeout (fixture sensor): 15 minutes.

Utilizes a green laser pointer (see laser warning) to associate wireless switches (ALWS) and ceiling-mounted wireless sensors to wireless fixture controls via RF.

2-wire connection between a fixture sensor and a wireless fixture controller. The wires are interchangeable to eliminate miswiring. Sensor comes with 2ft (0.6m) of wires. (If hanging pendant fixtures, the maximum wire length between fixture sensor and fixture control is 12ft (3.7m). Sensor should be mounted no more than 2ft (0.6m) from the fixture).

Passive infrared motion detection with exclusive Lutron XCT Technology for major and minor motion detection.

Up to 300ft2 (27.9m2) major motion coverage and 150ft2 (13.9m2) minor motion coverage and 360˚ field-of-view.

Daylight sensor has simple, automatic calibration straight out-of-the-box.

Designed to give a linear response to changes in perceived light level. Detects ambient light level changes from 0 to 150 fc (0 to 1600 lx).

Photometrics & Applications

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