Passive Infrared Aisle (High Bay) Occupancy Sensor


Specifically designed for long,relatively narrow spaces such as warehouse aisle and corridors, the OS HM I WH Occupancy Sensor provides long range and high sensitivity.Β  This lens provides coverage up to 55 ft. when mounted 30 ft. above the floor. Can be mounted lower if needed. The mounting base, provided with the sensor, allows quick and easy mounting in corners, on walls or on ceilings. The most common applications are factory storage areas, warehouse aisles and corridors.

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Features & Specifications

β€’ Device: High-impact injection molded plastic housing. Color coded wire leads are 6” long (16.24 cm). Custom off-white color matched for shaded ceiling/corner spaces and most common ceiling tiles.

β€’ Fast, Simple Installation: Easy base mount, three wire connection (low voltage) and twist-and-lock detector attachment.

β€’ Flexible Base Mounting: Supplied twist-and-lock base mount permits fast alignment. Supplied cover hides mounting hardware and wires. Can be used with raceways for hard surface installations. Adjustable canopy for wall or ceiling mount.

β€’ Self-Adjusting: Internal microprocessor continually analyzes, evaluates and adjusts the infrared sensitivity and time delay. Performance is kept at a maximum and user complaints are eliminated.

β€’ Range & Coverage: Up to 55 ft. for gross body motion or forklift. Max. 7 feet wide. β€’ Multi-element, high bay lens for mounting up to 30 feet.

β€’ Ambient Light Recognition: A Light Sensor prevents lights from turning on when the room is adequately lit by natural light.

β€’ Non-Volatile Memory: Learned and ad just ed settings saved in protected memory are not lost during power outages.

β€’ Timer Setting Feature: Automatic – 30sec – 30min. Test mode – 6sec with auto exit programming.

β€’ Walk-Through: Provides increased energy savings by decreasing the time delay to 2.5min when someone momentarily walks through the monitored space.

β€’ High Motion Sensitivity: Large lens area and multi-element lens design gives excellent range and sensitivity.

β€’ Uses OSPP Series Power Pack: Class 2, 24 volt wiring, three wire connection (low voltage). Multiple sensors can control single or multiple power packs.

β€’ Power base (OSPB 15A) available for line voltage applications.

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