The AirLink Outdoor Pole-Mounted Occupancy Sensor has been discontinued.

AirLink Outdoor Pole-Mounted Occupancy Sensor


LSI Controls’ AirLink Pole-mounted Occupancy Sensor is one of the components of the AirLink Outdoor Wireless Lighting Control System. It provides the capability to integrate an outdoor motion sensor into the AirLink system. The sensor uses passive infrared technology to detect heat in motion (i.e. automobile or person entering coverage area). The AirLink Outdoor Wireless Control System is comprised of 1 Site Manager Controller, 1 Override Switch, a Controller for each light fixture, optional Motion Sensors, optional Photo Sensors, optional Zone Controllers and optional Circuit Controllers.

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Features & Specifications

  • Precision, double-shot tooling with internal silicon gaskets prevents water and dust contamination.
  • 270° coverage pattern.
  • Front rotates for easy coverage adjustment.
  • User-adjustable time delay from 12 seconds to 16 minutes.
  • Adjustable light level setting allows users to set the level at which lighting will turn on upon occupancy.
  • Pulse Count Processing eliminates false triggers and provides RFI and EMI immunity.
  • The PMOS comes with an adaptor plate for mounting to a reinforced hand hole.

Photometrics & Applications

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