Preset Slide Dimmer Controls


Designed for both single pole (one location) and 3-way (two location) applications. Controls feature a smooth, captured slide bar for fine adjustment of lighting levels and an easy to use push button that provides preset ON/OFF switching. Color change kits simplify inventory by diminishing the need for stocking separate devices in every color.

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Features & Specifications

• Attractive styling coordinates perfectly with complete line of wiring devices.

• Built-in radio/TV interference filter.

• Fit easily into a standard wallbox and are suitable for multi-gang installations.

• Dimmer control comes packaged with six product options in each box for superior versatility; 3 changeable color faces and single pole or 3-way control.

• Fluid slide movement allows fine adjustment of light level with minimal effort.

• Captive wraparound slide bar remains securely attached.

• Easy to use push button switch with green LED locator.

• Push button switch acts as an air gap switch completely disconnecting power from unit for bulb changing.

• Power failure recovery ensures retention of last setting before power interruption.

Resources & Downloads

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