The AirLink Indoor Wireless Hub has been discontinued. New Product

AirLink Indoor Wireless Hub


All AirLink wireless controls are compatible with the wireless hub which enables a simple setup process using a standard web browser on any Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet or computer. The hub also enables control and monitoring of all wireless devices. The wireless hub provides a connection point for devices such as the AirLink Powerpacks (dimming and switching), wireless fixture controllers, 20AMP plug load controllers, wireless switches, ceiling-mounted wireless occupancy sensors and daylight sensors.

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Features & Specifications

Communicates with controls using Lutron Wireless Clear Connect Technology (range radius of 71ft [22m])

The ALWH FM/SM supports up to 700 devices and the ALWH FM S/SM S supports up to 75.

Distributed system architecture – Wireless switches and wireless sensors communicate directly with the load devices they control and must be located within 30ft (9m) of the device with which they are associated.

Supports timeclock events based on both sunrise and sunset or fixed time-of-day.

Multi-color LED displays what mode the hub is in.

Two Contact Closure Inputs for device integration by others including Title 24 Automatic Demand Response devices.

Web based software used for: Setup and programming. Uses Lutron RF signal strength measurements to find devices nearby for quick association and programming without having to climb ladders. Dashboard of current status for control and monitoring of the system also shows current energy usage. Username and password protected access – Supports HTTPS – Supported on most devices that use an HTML5 compliant browser (iOS, Android®, Windows®, Mac).

Connects directly to any smartphone, tablet or computer using built in Wi-Fi. 2.4 GHz 802.11b / g – Range radius of 71ft (22m) – WPA2 Security.

Ethernet 10 / 100 Mbps connection for: – Native BACnet (see Lutron P/N 369978 for PIC Statement) integration into Building Management Systems – Network multiple wireless hubs together as an independent system or for an existing building network.

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