ZONE Sports Flood


LSI’s new ZONE Sports Flood is ideal for new or retrofit athletic field applications at college, K-12, municipal and recreational facilities. In addition, its high lumen output is designed for monument and large area general floodlighting requirements.  The modern design features yoke mounting with horizontal and vertical aiming guides and an optional laser sight for pinpoint accuracy with any of four NEMA flood distributions.  The ZONE Sports Flood housing is engineered to efficiently disperse heat, protecting the driver and LEDs to ensure a long service long life of up to 70,000 hours.  Whether you’re building a new outdoor athletic field or simply replacing outdated HID lighting technology, the ZONE Sport Flood is the right solution to satisfy players, spectators and the overall community.

Ideal Applications: Field Sports, Security Lighting, Large Area Floodlighting

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Features & Specifications

• State-of-the-Art sports flood optics
available in 4 unique NEMA flood

• Glare shield visor (optional) is formed
aluminum to reduce high angle glare.

• Available in 5000K and 4000K.

• Rugged IP66 die-cast aluminum housing in the
70L and 85L. Cold forged aluminum in the
100L for superior heat dissipation.

• Driver is separated from light engines
increasing driver and LED life.

• Fixtures are finished with polyester powder
coat finishing process to withstand extreme
weather changes without cracking or

• Heavy duty yoke mounting to standard
sports bracket with 3/4” bolt.

• LSI luminaires carry a 5-year limited

• Meets Buy American Act requirements.

Max Lumens
Min Lumens
Color Temperatures
5000 4000
Additional Options
BAA Compliant (Buy American Act)ROHS CompliantIP65IP66Dimmable

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