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The LSI PowerPlay Program is a renovation lighting focused suite of products and services specifically for Lighting Management Companies. It is designed to assist you in delivering turnkey lighting services that meet or exceed your expectations. Your LSI PowerPlay team understands your business, and we stand ready to provide support throughout every phase of your project. From order entry to job completion, your designated LSI PowerPlay representative will be here to help!

ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refirigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineershttps://www.ashrae.com/
LEEDLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™http://www.usgbc.org/
ICCInternational Code Councilhttps://www.iccsafe.org/
US Department of EnergyInformation regarding energy usage and environmental responsibilityhttps://www.energy.gov/
Title 24California Energy Commission 2005 Building Efficiency Standardshttps://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/2005standards/
BCAPBuilding Codes Assistance Projecthttps://bcap-energy.org/
IECCInternational Energy Conservation Codehttps://www.iccsafe.org/gr/Pages/IECC-Resource.aspx
DSIREDatabase of Stat Incentives for Renewables & Efficiencyhttps://www.dsireusa.org/
IDA International Dark Sky Associationhttps://www.darksky.org/
IES Illuminating Engineering Societyhttps://www.ies.org/
NAILDNational Association of Independent Lighting Distributorshttps://www.naild.org/
NALMCO National Association of Lightinghttps://www.nalmco.org/
NECA National Electrical Contractorshttps://www.necanet.org/
NGLIA The Next Generation Lighting Industryhttps://www.nglia.org/
Building Energy Codes U.S. Department of Energyhttps://www.energycodes.gov/
Design Light ConsortiumCommercial Lighting and Designhttps://www.designlights.org/

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